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Hey, Hugo nominators, my novella Unauthorized Bread is up on Ars Technica!

(it's also shortlisted for Canada's national book prize, Canada Reads; it's being made into a TV show by Topic & a graphic novel with Firstsecond)


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It's ad-free, tracker-free and plain text. My sole nod to adornment is a single daily emoji. Today's is "🎲". I welcome your suggestions for future emojis.


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I'm also posting these to the fediverse (apols for today's double posts! beware of falling rocks!). Here's today's:


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Yesterday's threads: Saturated fat and obesity, which foods produce satiety, spying VPNs, Twitter's research-friendly terms of service and more!


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How to run a virtual classroom: Masterclass from the 14-year-old Stanford Online High School.


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The EU's new Right to Repair rules finally come for electronics: Snooks cocked at Apple and other US Big Tech monopolists.


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Senate Republicans kill emergency sick leave during pandemic: Sick leave is cheaper than pandemics, but pandemics generate cost-plus contracts for the donor class.


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Boeing is even worse at financial engineering than they are at aircraft engineering: The $43B they incinerated through stock buybacks would sure come in handy about now.


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Ars Technica's Covid-19 explainer is the best resource on the pandemic: Beth Mole has outdone herself.


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A former top Cigna exec rebuts Joe Biden's healthcare FUD: Wendell Potter is the prodigal corporate villain.


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Akil Augustine on Radicalized: My book's Canada Reads champion lays out the case for Radicalized.


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TSA boss doubles down on taking away health care from part-time screeners: They're touching your junk with diseased hands.


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