How to run a virtual classroom: Masterclass from the 14-year-old Stanford Online High School.



Leaked UK record industry memo sets out plans for breaking copyright

Portland cops charge homeless woman with theft for charging her phone

How Harper's "anti-terror" bill ends privacy in Canada

RIP, Terry Pratchett

Security researcher reveals grotesque vulnerabilities in "Yelp-for-MAGA" app and its snowflake owner calls in the FBI


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Yesterday's threads: Saturated fat and obesity, which foods produce satiety, spying VPNs, Twitter's research-friendly terms of service and more!


Hey, Hugo nominators, my novella Unauthorized Bread is up on Ars Technica!

(it's also shortlisted for Canada's national book prize, Canada Reads; it's being made into a TV show by Topic & a graphic novel with Firstsecond)


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