All hail the activists of Dazzle Club, Londoners who paint their faces with CV Dazzle patterns that confound facial recognition algorithms and stage silent walks through the city in defiance of the largely unregulated police use of facial recognition systems


Hiding in plain sight: activists don camouflage to beat Met surveillance



“There was this extraordinary experience of hiding in plain sight,” said Anna Hart, of Air, a not-for-profit art group, who founded the club with fellow artists Georgina Rowlands and Emily Roderick.

To opt out of facial recognition, just don't have a face.

It's like a #captcha for your face!

Sadly this is probably not going to last long as a movement. Eventually people will yeild and we will have more rubbish to contend with.

If these people make purchases in the city while they are protesting, that would be counter-productive? A more long-term solution might be to #boycott the locations where these #massSurveillance technologies are installed.

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