Angry bro wants to know why the barista refused to serve him while he had his headphones in. The Salty Waitress etiquette columnist explains: "THE CASHIER IS A HUMAN BEING! JUST LIKE YOU!"


Ask The Salty Waitress: Why do I have to remove my AirPods to order coffee?


"And like you (probably) they would like your full and undivided attention while you ask them to perform a service for you."

A lot of Mom-as-a-Service tech startups seemed to be using low-waged workers as a stand-in for the allegedly inevitable robots who would some day do the work (think: Uber).

But but the actual direction of travel is the other way: treating low-waged workers as if they were robots: (think: Uber's "please ask the driver not to talk to me" checkbox in the app).

It reminds me of's fantastic debut novel Autonomous, where she posits that having human-like robots that we can enslave will not free people from drudgery, but, rather, shift our morals to make enslaving humans acceptable too

(a similar theme runs through's novel vN, with even more disturbing overtones of sexual violence)

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