my printer is the only object that i own that i actively resent owning.


@doctorow And, even when you print in B&W it uses a little blue to make sure you run out. Printers and ink are a scam!

@doctorow I discovered it's actually cheaper and easier for me to not own a printer and instead just email PDFs to FedEx. They email back a pickup code then I can pick it up at any FedEx Office location in the country when I'm ready.

@doctorow How are B&W laser printers? I've heard they're pretty good and a looot less annoying than their ink counterparts.

@Genstar @doctorow it’s one of those things I wish younger me had known sooner. I like to regard myself as tech savvy so I regret not knowing that laser printers are just better for everyday document printer and that I had crumbled to the ‘fear of missing out’ in having the ability to print nice ink jet photos when reality was I rarely did such things.

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