@doctorow the entire site is hate speech, how can it go up?

@feld @doctorow against all odds, the population has increased that much since it sold out?

@doctorow @feld @roka
Again another "study" that comes shit tarnish the research world.
This article is based on a article from vice:
Vice's article is based on psmag;
Psmag base's it's source on this study:
And that study is based bases itself on three other studies and one of it is experimental.
The "supporting information" is only 25 chosen sentences:
I give to the study that they tried to do something correct, but such facts that they aquired on the web is ridiculous when you're aware of poe's law.
This is how your create outrage, there's nothing concrete but journalist are so desperate for baitclic and outrage-clic that they do this nonsense.
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