On Weds, the EU is holding a debate and vote on the new Copyright Directive, which contains two spectacularly dangerous clauses that can do real harm to all of us. https://saveyourinternet is where Europeans can go to talk to their MEPs (read on for more)

The debate is on "link taxes" (no linking to news unless the service you're on bought a license from the site you're linking to) & "censorship machines" (all your text, stills, video, code, audio is checked against a database of copyrights and censored if they seem like a match)

(ANYONE can add ANYTHING to the blacklists of "copyrighted works" -- videos of police brutality or official corruption or just the complete works of William Shakespeare, and there's no penalty for making fraudulent claims)

Only the big US companies could afford this nonsense, meaning that all possibility of Made-in-the-EU alternatives to Big Tech with its harassment and surveillance will be snuffed out forever.

The EU is proposing to sell American Big Tech a license to permanently dominate the internet, in exchange for a few million tossed at German newspaper families and other European Content Barons -- and everyone else loses out, stuck on a US dominated net forever.


We only have until Wednesday and the vote will be on a hair's-breadth margin. PLEASE visit saveyourinternet.eu to do something about it -- and then TELL TWO EUROPEAN FRIENDS about this!

@doctorow Again? I remember this a month or two back. Did they rewrite it?

@doctorow We may have to jump to the next technological stage beyond the web: paper.
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