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Dimitri Merejkowsky @dmerej@mamot.fr

mocha can be run with --trace-warnings in order to show where the warnings come from.

We used it to fix a MaxListenersExceededWarning showing up in our tests.

I can’t even imagine the self control required to work at a bubble wrap factory.

Following the publication of the article, a dev.to reader pointed out that such a product already exist:


So here goes :)

Links from my blog now have a custom card featuring the logo.


* Because I can
* Because RSS is a cool techno that will still be alive when twitter burns and dies :)
* To pay homage to Aaron Swartz

And also because it changes nothing when the link is shared on !

C'est avec beaucoup de plaisir que je vous annonce l'instance #PeerTube de la Délégation Académique au #Numérique Éducatif de #Lyon :


J'peux aussi dire qu'il se pourrait bien que ce soit la première instance officielle d'un organisme public 😋

Y a plus qu'à convaincre les autres #dane de monter les mêmes afin de se fédérer et prouver que le libre made by @Framasoft c'est du costaud :peertube:

Merci @Chocobozzz et merci #Docker qui a beaucoup aidé dans l'histoire !

Did you ever notice how a woman’s “I’ll be ready in 5min” and a guys “I’ll be home in 5min” are one and the same?

The "Delete and Redraft" feature is pretty nice :)

Thanks, Mastodon devs!


3 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal.

(Don't let the title fool you)

Dear whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office – I will track you down. You have my Word.