Two articles about why using software from may not be a good idea:


"Unlike most companies in the tech space, paying engineers is one of Google's smallest expenses. Financially it makes sense for them to waste programmers' time in order to shave off a few bytes"



I'm intrigued. What were you trying to do ?

I get using -f /dev/stdout, but why would send the key to *stdin* ?

Just rewrote two of my dotfiles tools form to .

Apart from the overall 10x performance boost, I also got 100x better startup time.

(Booting the whole interpreter in a big virtualenv is really slow the first time)

Patch here:



Y a 2 parties:

1/ le template utilise la méthode IsMenuCurent fournie par hugo pour rajouter un `class='current'` au lien de la page:

2/ le css rajoute un font-weight pour mettre du gras:

Pas de JS du coup :)

Why you feel like Hollywood always ruins good books (and why it's not true)

Poke @HygieneMentale , it's a fun bias to study :)

Just found out about the thingy for :

In it's called re exporting and is done with `pub use`.

I've seen this technique used in , , and .

Do you know if it has a name in those languages too ?

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