Today Sourcehut celebrates the 1 year anniversary of it's public alpha beginning 🎉 🎉 🎉

Vendredi prochain juste avant @capitoledulibre à Nailloux près de Toulouse : Conférence-Atelier "Culture libre" organisée par Le Loft et la librairie Détours qui distribue #Traces. #Framabook

5.2 is out! First version working on 3 (at least on Linux), try it out!


- Spies on you with proprietary JavaScript
- Sends your data directly to third parties
- Locks up features in a proprietary version
- Will do business with anyone without any pause for ethical consideration


- Has no JavaScript at all, let alone spyware
- Does not share your personal info with anyone*
- Is 100% free software, including the hosted version
- Is built around a business model which cannot be bought or strongarmed by ethically troublesome groups

* Except for what we need to in order to run billing

Pendant la fermeture d'une portion du périphérique parisien, et son utilisation par des cyclistes, on aurait constaté une baisse massive de la pollution de l'air. Bizarre...

TypeError: '<' not supported between instances of 'NoneType' and '<whatever>'

my favorite thing when migrating a project to python3

"Carole, de Pantin, est venue avec des huîtres, du pain, du vin blanc et ses amis. Elle offre une huître à qui veut. « On s’est dit que ça s’imposait »."

#imag is now on #sourcehut #srht -

Feel free to collaborate! I do not yet use the srht mailinglist feature because we have our own mailinglist.

I'm about to go back to my day job from my lunch break, but before I do I want to announce a little tool called #blueshift.

It's a lightweight partial replacement for #redshift implemented in POSIX #shell that uses #sct by Ted Unangst to control your display's color temperature based on the time.

It's available on #Sourcehut at <> under a 2-clause #BSD license.

You can run it in ~/.xsession, as a cron job, or in /etc/apm/resume.


"L'espace d'un an", de Becky Chambers : un space opéra où on suit l'équipage multi-espèces d'un vaisseau spatial ouvrier. Très agréable à lire, beaucoup d'émotions.

Once confident everything works fine with (tests suite is green, resolved all runtime errors spotted by, e.g., ): drop support.


Finish with all oddities left like comparison of values of heterogeneous type ("1 < 'infinity'" is True on ) or silly things like ordering a list of dicts.


Then, it's often time to dig further into "text versus binary data" issues. Clearly the most painful part of the process because it's often has to do with non-obvious business logic. Things get even worse when third party libraries (e.g. lxml) are in use.



Every time I see "open(filepath)", I change it into ", 'rb')" to preserve behavior. This is fine most of the times; when it's not, it's usually because of some specific business logic you'll have to investigate on anyways. (Similarly, StringIO.StringIO -> io.BytesIO.)


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