Is anyone hosting a #PeerTube instance that contains only #CreativeCommons or #PublicDomain works?

I've been semi-serious thinking about committing to this. Free Culture, to me, seems to align with Free Software, and using products of the commons for the sake of preserving and distributing them feels worthwhile.

It'd be interesting to make such works available through federation, and maybe even store it in IPFS.

@deadsuperhero Wait, could you even enforce that? Like screening content to be under a particular license using Peertube? I was debating using it for personal course video hosting


@jackyalcine Technically, you don't enforce anything. If anyone want to publish CC-licensed stuff, they might be interested such instance, otherwise they just use any other general-purpose instance.



Interesting. Enforce was a bit heavy of a term to use. I was thinking like a gate of sorts.


@jackyalcine As long as people can choose another, non-CC-0nly, instance, it's not an issue.

"Funny" thing is that companies woth a shitload of users, like facebook, enforce the "You agree to grant us an non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free […] license" policy and no one seems to gove a shit, especially content creators who love to promote prorprietary licences (Most photographers I know are facebook addicts and are unreachableboutside of fb)


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