There are lots of Fediverse apps on @fdroidorg, the free open alternative to Google Play. Some Fediverse apps are exclusive to F-Droid!

Unlike Google Play, F-Droid apps are all free, open source and privacy-friendly.

F-Droid can be installed on any Android phone. It's slightly tricky to install because Google tries to block any alternative app stores. However, once it's been installed it is just as easy to use as Google Play.

There are some simple step-by-step F-Droid installation instructions here:

You can find out more about F-Droid on its official site at

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@feditips @fdroidorg can you make a recommendation for an alternative smartphone or operating system for a smartphone other than android/google or iphone/apple that works well?

@xixiangdong @fdroidorg

If you want an alternative "daily driver" phone that does real world everyday tasks, the best option at the moment is probably a degooglised Android device.

@e_mydata , @nitrokey and @iode all sell their own versions of preinstalled degooglised Android phones.

If you are okay with a less reliable, more experimental phone, you can install several different kinds of Linux on the PinePhone from @PINE64

@feditips @xixiangdong Sailfish OS and ubuntu touch¹ are actually not that experimental… The hardest part is to find compatible hardware.

1. At least, it worked well both in terms of stability and supported (necessary) functionalities (calls, SMS, network/data…) years ago when a I had a compatible device in working conditions. I haven't had a chance to test newer versions on a phone.

@fdroidorg @e_mydata @nitrokey @iode @PINE64

@devnull @feditips @xixiangdong @fdroidorg @e_mydata @nitrokey @iode @PINE64 this overview (for Ununtu Touch) is really useful:
It show what works and what doesn't work on each device.

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