@JF I was curious to see how long my #pinetime will last without being charged on #InfiniTime How long do I need to wait????

@kop316 Wow that's an impressive uptime! With BLE and wake up on wrist rotation enabled, mine runs for 4-5 days on battery :)

Mine lasted 10 days on my wrist, but no BLE connection and with "none" wake up setting. Which, BTW, seems to be gone since flashing to #InfiniTime 1.3?

I've since set it to raise wrist (that's when "none" disappeared), I charged it after 4 days I think when it was still at 31%. It can't seem to charge more than 92%. By then it makes a periodic buzzing noise.

@normandc Yeah there's no "None" setting in 1.3.

But since these settings are checkoxes (not a droplist or radio buttons), there's no need for "none" entry, it wouldn't make sense to have "none" entry on a checklist menu. If you want "None", just uncheck everything.

@JF @kop316

Thanks for pointing out the buttons are actually on/off toggles. I did try to tap on an activated button to disable it and it didn't work. Tapping is sometimes flakey. I tried it again, and it took me two times for it to work.
@JF @kop316


@normandc You're welcome.

Yeah, not always easy to to use. Very small and not-so-precise touchsceeen, but for $25, as an experimental hardware, it "does the job".

@JF @kop316

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Oh yes, I'm not complaining, and grateful for @JF and other volunteers' work! You people rock!

@normandc @devnull @kop316

Thanks! And note that we are working on a PR that should improve the touch experience :)


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