With Apple no longer a viable stopgap as a mainstream platform that protects your privacy, what choices do we have?

Are the free/open alternatives ready or are we asking folks to make tradeoffs between security and privacy (can you have privacy without security? Not really. Although security doesn’t imply privacy either). And what about the FOSS elephant in the room: accessibility?

Join us live today at 5PM Irish time on Small is Beautiful and let’s discuss it.


@Aral Balkan

Although security doesn’t imply privacy either

I think it does. I don't see any way you can have actual security without also having privacy. While both are words that can mean a number of different things to different peaople, they are in my opinion very interlinked. Especially when it comes to information security, but even if we're talking about physical security.

Privacy is about choosing with whom you share your location, security is being sure that an abusive stalker don't get to know your location. Iow, privacy is a prerequisite for security the way I see it.

@harald Not just your opinion actually. There's no sense to have "security" without confidentiality. And no data confidentiality if you have built-in spywares.

Security isn't just "for the bad guys, with an exception for the good guys"… Any company who purposefully¹ deprive their users from confidentiality, and therefore from privacy, and claim their products are "secure" is lying.




1. Either for or marketing reasons (surveillance capitalism), or make profit from state-surveillance because "patriotism" (nationalism + surveillance capitalism)… Either way, such companies don't deserve users trust.


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