What's most important for you, when you're getting a new (or refurbished) phone?

@fdroidorg So called modern "smart" phone suck in every aspect since hardware started doing crappy choices, making good hardware the exception and therefore too expensive… I'd expect many things. And no damn phone (beside experimental stuff) reaches my expectations.

There's no need for 8 cores at 5 GHz CPU with 16 GiB of RAM, and there's no such thing as "good" (enough) camera in small forms factors like phones. But a decent AND user-replaceable battery is mandatory. - 1/4

@fdroidorg And expendable storage (optional, depending on the internal capacity, but still good to have)

As for advanced privacy features, of course, as much as possible, but so called "smart" phones defective by design when it comes to privacy, physical kill switch (easier to operate/slightly bigger than pinephone's) are welcome though - 2/4


@fdroidorg Social and environmental impact too.

Jack earphones output instead of some shitty proprietary
connector or nothing because it has shitty "bluetooth"… even though I don't use phones for serious music listening.

Support for non-android mobile Linuxes.

Decent physical and wired¹ keyboard, à la F(x)Tec (Think Nokia N900 but bigger, big 5" (or a little ore, but smaller than 6") screen), not the small crap like Blackberry/Nokia E series - 3/4

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1. Bluetooth sucks in terms or stability, privacy/security and power consuption… LBE still consumes more power than good old wires, AND has lower security. - 4/4

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