America in 2020. People using forged (and mis-spelled) cards from a fictitious organisation to misrepresent legislation intended to protect disabled people so they can avoid showing a basic amount of courtesy to help protect others during a pandemic.

Not only is this bullshit ableist as hell, it would literally be easier just for these people to put a damn mask on their faces.

If you're in the US and someone hands you one of these, cut it in two and throw it in the trash.

The effort that some are willing go to so they can avoid making an effort is astonishing and paradoxical. Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

@InvaderXan It's the same kind of people who are walking around with semi-automatic rifles because *they're American* (in mastodon's lack of italics), too. I can't imagine being so terrified of daily life that you need to carry around a weapon capable of mowing down a crowd of people, and at the same time being so afraid of wearing a mask.

This country needs a reckoning.

@devnull "America" by itself is widely accepted and used as a short hand way of referring to the United States of America. @InvaderXan

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