The diff' between Free software and “open source" in a nutshell: Users freedom vs marketing bullshit about gratis stuff…

Or why I will never use this crap/trust open-washing companies like that Balena (ex resin.io) that claim just 'cause they "fully open source a project and offer it for free to everyone" it's acceptable/required to spy on users and to use adwares…

Why the hell an ISO flasher needs to use HTTP Connect or any other network connections to remote/third party servers, or to display "featured projects" [issue #2599] (newspeak for ads) ? Hint: There's no valid reason.

I didn't even more than 2 minutes investigating this crap, and it's already too much…
- lsof -i shows (at least) 17 fucking network connections from etcher 1.5.45 at startup… 😑
- httpry collection a shitload of intrusive HTTP Connect including google-spyalytics and spybook…

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bullshit again

UPDATE: Seriously, DON'T trust this crap. Not only "'anonymously' report errors and usage statistics to balena.io" is enabled by default (1), but

- Disabling is as useless as "disabling" windoz10 spywares. It keeps connecting to balena.io and resin.io servers
- It keeps connecting to the other servers too
- There's no mention of these third party servers on the menu where they make you believe you can "disable" tracking

I tested this crap again with that "option" unchecked, doesn't make a difference… They added this checkbox just to deceive users.

1. Which is not even legal in Europe

PS : It's funny to claim it's 'anonymous' when they use google spyalytics and other intrusive crap…

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