>> Instead of freaking out about how ‘small’ Gumroad actually is (like I thought they would), our creators have grown more loyal. It feels like we’re all in this together, trying to do earn a living doing what we love.

Soon, we will also open-source the whole product, WordPress-style. Anyone will be able to deploy their own version of Gumroad, make the changes they want, and sell the content they want, without us being the middle-man. <<


@luka OTOH:

>> There’s nothing wrong with trying to build the next Microsoft. I personally don’t think billionaires are evil. And there’s a part of me that wishes I was still on that path.

@fluffy There's nothing trying to build the next mass surveillance, vendor-lockin, abusive, FUD-spreading megacorp, that helps ICE's fascists and dictatorships for profit, I personally don’t think psychopaths are evil.


@devnull @fluffy just wanted to say, that in electronic communication such as email, chat, IM, microblogging, nonverbal sound cues such as sarcasm, cinicism, funny looks, mocking tone, etc, cannot come accross without heavy use of emoticons, emojis or asterisk-descriptors ala *wink wink* and similar.

I have a feeling you were sarcastic to fluffy's post, and that it was caused by missing her mark (>>) as she was quoting from the article and not stating her opinion.

i might be wrong tho.

@luka Yes, I know it was a quote, because of the > sign, as you said. I use this sign to quote other people, sometimes

And yes, I was being sarcastic. But not to, or against @fluffy, I was being sarcasm to to anyone who thinks it's okay from building an Orwellian society for profit, that it's "not evil, just business" or that microsoft and similar companies are ethical, or "have changed" +, or insert any marketing bullshit here, preferably with some open washing inside.

@devnull That's what I figured! Thank you for clarifying in any case. @luka

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