Hardware to jiggle your mouse to fool pooly-concieved workplace surveillance? Please. xdotool! (nananana,nanana). You'll know how to read this last part after the video.

Super, curl postquantique. Il est bien evident qu'il y a d'autres grandes problèmes TLS, mais ce qui compte c'est l'existence d'une avant-garde postquantique (aussi Wireguard, par exemple).


Nice, postquantum curl. Of course, there are other huge problems with TLS making this feel a little odd in some ways, but more importantly, it's part of a vanguard of postquantum support (see also Wireguard, for example).


@ilumium Nice. It's been known for a long while now that gaussian filters, box filters, swirl distortion, and other approaches to redacting image information can be undone [1]. These approaches are not exact if the resolution of the output image is decreased, though, and the work mentioned in this post addresses that issue.

[1] R. Hummel, B. Kimia, and S. Zucker. Deblurring gaussian
blur. CVGI, 1987.

BTW, the quantum Internet is coming in the next 5 - 15 years, and NIST, NSA in the US agree that moving to post-quantum cryptography should take place in that timeline also.


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The quantum Internet will interoperate with the classical Internet, so the question for post-quantum and security online is never about preserving the status quo, but about discovering new possibilities via the special properties of quantum networks. That's a weirdly low-level thing to think about, as a designer of (for example) an overlay network, but that doesn't make it any less important.


At I'll facilitate with Liliana Salas and Carlos Julio Vargas a strategy session called, "Mixnets for Anonymous Communication on Quantum Networks: Near-Future Promise and Peril in Colombia."

Á RightsCon je faciliterais avec Liliana Salas and Carlos Julio Vargas une séance de stratégie, "Mixnets for Anonymous Communication on Quantum Networks: Near-Future Promise and Peril in Colombia."

Fri 11 Jun 2021 05:30:00 PM UTC


I develop privacy technologies, and I am trying to think about privacy in new ways while doing so.

Je crée des technologies pour la protection de la vie privée, et j'essaie de réimaginer la privacité en même temps.

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