No problem take your time.
If i understand well Pleroma is a Mastodon fork compatible with it and you use a Plroma instance.

How do you write that much ? Is it an instance parameter ?

8. I like that idea but you would need a big storage on the phone or a memory extention on the laptop reserved to the phone.
9. Yes for remote controller okay

(English is not my native language i hope everything makes sense 😄)


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5. Since the pinephone doesn't need the dock to work and no storage is in it (we could imagine a memiry extension in the dock btw) you can unplug it to anwer and plug it back to continue your work.
6. Well okay maybe multi users option can help
7. Okay

Part 2/3

@PINE64 @talkpine @linmob

Thank you for your answer :)

1. I guess a lapdock made by Pine64 would be cheaper than the pinebook.
2. Yes of course. But in both laptop + phone or lapdock + phone you carry the same volume and the lapdocknis probably lighter
3. Yes i agree
4. I doubt you would do some heavy work on a pinebook. With a pinebook or a lapdock it's for a light usage.

Part 1

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Yeah i understand but i don't really see the point of using the pinephone as a pc if you already have a pc....

@PINE64 @talkpine @linmob

I think this fearure on pinephone would be more interesting since it runs linux and not android. Android is not designed to be used for a pc. However I remember runing maruos.com/ on my nexus 5 it was impressive ! We can use android and the linux desktop at the same time.
Also pine64 users don't buy their products for the compute power.

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Why not a laptop without motherboard with a empty space to slide the pinephone ? To have a laptop and charge the pinephone

I don't know i didn't read them sorry. I think alternative clients are now tolerated if they aren't on stores


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Well yes but being accepted in the official one is like a quality proof.
And your repo with spotify looks weird it's non foss apps.
You should check Fennec for firefox on fdroid

Okay that's a begining.
Let's hope we will find signal's clients on fdroid in the future.
Plus they are working on registration without phone. It would be PERFECT

@jrballesteros05 @datenteiler

Wow really ??!! That's amazing !
Why none of them are on fdroid then ?
I found that about Molly :
@jrballesteros05 @datenteiler

It's very sad it's soo close to the perfect messaging app
@jrballesteros05 @datenteiler

@jrballesteros05 @datenteiler if they find out this exist they will take it down. Saddly they are hunting forked clients like LibreSignal

Si il y a un problème à l'ouverture tu peux vider le cache et/ou le stockage de l'appli si ça ne marche pas tu peux essayer d'aller dans settings>network>tokenizer URL et rentrer : " auroraoss.in:8080 "

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