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Not many are aware of #FreeBSD file flags, and `nodump` flag in particular, but it's a very useful magic. Lets you mark (`chflags nodump`) a few files/directories (which you don't want to include into dumps/backups) and then exclude them when doing backups (`tar --nodump`) and measuring data size (`du -n`).

PS. Just checked Linux manpages it it seems it doesn't support this. Wow, really?

I've learned from a Russian YouTube video that the SNES port of "Wordtris" was programmed by... the current President of Armenia.

Oh, so it was not just me. Ten years ago I was able to listen to movies in English without subtitles and now I need to enable subtitles again unless I have headphones on

@SDF I did try to create an account for the plan9 bootcamp but I didn't receive the email. Are they batch-sent at some specific time of the day ? Or are the accounts created maually maybe ?

Just a remember that has this page
I just sent benoit@ my old MacBook 4,1, I hope it will turn helpful :)

I'm tempted to revive a server there for the (almost) free shell offer.

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#bouygues cherche à nouveau à te faire payer ton forfait mobile plus cher sauf action de ta part.
Ca se présente sous la forme de +3€/mois en échange de data que tu n'as pas demandées.

Surveillez vos mails.


not sure if it's known or written anywhere in the Handbook. One can easily follow the commits on one git branch with the Atom feed at for example or I find it much easier than using the git tool.

Thanks to incredible hacking by sigrid we're streaming natively from Plan9 9Front on right now! Working on getting ffmpeg peertube support and may test this today. Join us for video only native live streaming

#plan9 #9front #stream #twitch #hacking

Nous utilisons les technologies du web sémantique pour créer une plateforme open-source permettant de construire des jeux d'aventure textuels ouverts "infinis", les mondes, les histoires appartenant à des communs

Vous êtes intéressé de nous rejoindre, ou vous êtes en train de faire qqc de complémentaire ?

Really cool #FreeBSD commit. I'd love to see more API example code committed. I try to do that with my projects.

NVMM lands in DragonFly

Aaron LI's added NVMM, hardware acceleration for virtual machines, to DragonFly.

The version of qemu in dports is not set up to support this, yet.  Until then, you can download a prebuilt version.

Since NVMM originated on NetBSD, the NetBSD documentation page for it describes how to use it quite well.  There's a man page in DragonFly for it too, of course.  There's even basic machines to try.

#Recyclage #DEEE « Des scientifiques lorrains ont besoin de 10.000 téléphones #mobiles pour mettre au point un procédé de récupération de tous les métaux précieux ou non, contenus dans les cartes électroniques. Un procédé vertueux pour l’#environnement qui pourrait créer 80 emplois. » france3-regions.francetvinfo.f

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