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Qui se souvient du vote de Joe Biden en faveur de la loi supprimant l’aide sociale aux pauvres en 1996 ? Juin en perspective.

Y a un truc que la nouvelle navette fait de plus que les navettes russes ? J'avoue que j'ai un peu de mal à comprendre toute l'excitation autour du lancement SpaceX...

“Starting with Zimbra 9, a binary version of Zimbra 9 will no longer be released to the community and will instead only be made available to Zimbra Network Edition customers. There are currently no plans to release the source code for Zimbra 9 to the community.”

Welp, guess that's the end or #Zimbra being #FOSS / #opensource . Thanks for pointing it out, @tcit

Imma be honest with you chief I was not expecting @keybase to be acquired

DragonFly 5.8 1 released

DragonFly 5.8.1 is released, a bugfix update for 5.8.0.  The release tag commit has the list of changes, or you can go right to the release page.  My users@ post has upgrade instructions.

We are very happy to announce that two EteSync related projects have been accepted to this year's Google Summer of Code, one with @gnome and one with @kde!

Looking forward to working with sjolly and nourmat!


Comment Carrefour a pu trouver 225 millions de masques alors que l'État français en a été incapable ?

Dites-moi pas que le pont aérien financé par l'argent public des contribuables a servit à ramener les masques pour carrefour and co afin de nous les vendre ???


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