@SDF I did try to create an account for the plan9 bootcamp but I didn't receive the email. Are they batch-sent at some specific time of the day ? Or are the accounts created maually maybe ?

@retroedgetech @willowserana there are also non-GNU distros, like Alpine Linux for example with the musl libc (instead of glibc) and busybox as userland (instead of GNU). Not that I want to refrain you from testing stuff :)

@3Plombes @nosservicespub il y a déjà pas mal de chômage, et ça n'empêche pas les concours de ne pas se remplir, donc je ne sais pas trop

@3Plombes @nosservicespub étant donné que la mise en concurence a plutôt tendance à tirer les salaires vers le bas, je ne pense pas qu'ils trouveront beaucoup de personne pour aller postuler...

@mavg you should give the exact commands you're using, it's hard to help in any way otherwise.

@kzimmermann the regular FreeBSD install medium is a live usb if I'm not mistaken, same for DragonFlyBSD

@jiyuu@fosstodon.org actually for #1 Linux is just a kernel, and the various distributions put that kernel into an OS by adding various tools from diverse origins. In the *BSD these tools are developped along the kernel, and that makes it a much more coherent OS because they're able to deprecate and remove old code at all the required places without having to talk to upstream projects for example. That is also true when adding new features.
IMO that makes it easier to contribute also.

Just a remember that has this page openbsd.org/want.html
I just sent benoit@ my old MacBook 4,1, I hope it will turn helpful :)

I'm tempted to revive a server there for the (almost) free shell offer.

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@globcoco après certaines offres peuvent être réservées à certains abonnés, c'est exact, type Prime sur Amazon, mais pas toujours.

@globcoco euh non, j'en ai profité plusieurs fois sans même avoir de compte. Il n'y a d'ailleurs pas d'abonnement à ma connaissance sur la plateforme, seulement un compte gratuit qui permet de poster.

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