Radeons and accelerated graphics

Apparently a commit that I can't find ("e8de9e9"?) disabled acceleration for R5 240 Radeon cards, but causes an error for R7 models.  If you've got an R5 and you want accelerated video, try taking it out - assuming it's not working already.  Any other Radeon model, it may not make a difference.


@daftaupe How did you find it? I need to be better at connecting search string to commit, but a dumb search did not pull it up.

@dragonflydigest I searched for "radeon" on gitweb interface. And looked for some commit message mentionning "disabling acceleration" or something similar, I wasn't really sure what to expect. What keyword did you use ?

@dragonflydigest I don't know how to search for a particular commit hash on gitweb (but it's doable on github rather easily from a repo) but you can use gitweb.dragonflybsd.org/dragon with commit_hash being e8de9e9 for example. Using git cli directly I think you can "git show commit_hash"

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