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Tried btrfs à long time ago. Snapshots Can be great for OS Drive. But for data storage nothing Can Beat mdadm+lvm2. Big problem with btrfs : you can't know how much space is still available. (At the Time i checked it at least.)

@hoper @martin You can use btrfs filesystem df for example to know how much space is available (or used). or btrfs filesystem du to get details about a particular file.

@daftaupe @martin
Seems that things change, but according to the FAQ, there are still some issues with this matter (know how much Space left and use it)
Il still think that mixing réplication (raid) and file system is a very bad idea.

That #FAQ entry is indeed good to know! And per-file #raid levels sound like an interesting concept. Thanks for sharing 🍫
However, you're right that #mixing things makes a rather #unclean impression... Bit #systemd-like maybe..? 🤔

@martin @daftaupe
A "systemd like solution" LOL. Exactly ! As long at it's work as intended, perfect thing. But when you want to change, add or remove a thing you can't because it's far too complex tu use and really understand.
Mdadm and lvm2, both are doing a only thing but they did it well. Can't make differents raid level per file, yes. But at raid level you can do anything (reshaping, and so on)


@hoper @martin Well maybe snapshots are not your use case (RAID is not mine). Keep your tools if you think they're good, but stop trying to convince people not to use new tools that might fit their needs.

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