Aurais-je trouvé la clé du problème ?

Je contemple les logs de mon instance mastodon qui s'obstine à ne pas suivre quoi que ce soit ... sauf 😁

I can't hear myself if I don't mention my name

@dachary @bortzmeyer @jz Prefer search users on a directory such as , and search for users directly with their instance name in the search field of Mastodon.

Now that I have my own mastodon I wonder how to connect it to the other mastodon instances

I guess it's a joke only dyslexic reading pentagon instead of Pongathon can get...

Should we be worried that is a contractor for the Pongathon ? explains how to scale a mastodon instance. I wonder what the challenges are when the number of instances and the total number of users worldwide grow by an order of magnitude.

I wonder if there is a page explaining how mastodon scales out.

Installing nginx for the mastodon instance at

Yesterday's disapointment: CARP is good enough for Squid, no need for CRUSH Except when changing Squid peer weights which is marginal.

@frederic ben voila, il suffit de compter les caractères ;-)

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