It's funny how our perception of "averages" is often wrong:

1. Most Americans don't live in coastal states (only ~40% do).

2. Most Japanese don't live in Tokyo Metro Area (only ~32% do).

3. Most Polish people don't live in a big city (only ~11% do).

And even 10 pp margin from 50:50 split is a lot when it comes to voting...

Good we have that out the window. My biggest "worry" is still that at scale we'll see some interesting protein (folding) (d)effects. Though I wonder if it all just won't be binned under "anaphylaxis, happens, NEXT!".

So you have a Lego castle, or a racing car, or perhaps a spaceship.


How could that be... you take it apart into bricks, study them... And you can't see how any of those marvelous _systems_ came... So you begin to study the plastic the bricks are made of!

(chemistry, physics, quantum... we sorely lack going the opposite way!)

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