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cynddl 🐿 @cynddl

I can't really put words on it, but this photo I captured today makes me shiver a little.

I shot this one with a recent super high-tech camera from Japan, and an old heavy manual lens from USSR. Both made by people whom I've never met and who speak a language I don't understand a single word of.

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@cynddl I like how it plays with the idea of the speed of life of young vs old. Somehow I feel the old men gets to see so much more during that walk than the runner :)

sitelen sina li lon pona lukin (your picture is great)

@webmind @cynddl they are going in the same direction :) indeed they are going to find the same end... (jan li kama moli)

@ebrulato @cynddl the end for everyone is the same I would think, so isn't about the path and how you travel it? :)