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I want to make one thing very clear regarding #fosdem2018 #fosdem

A conference on freedom-and-human-rights-respecting technology should not have a titan of #SurveillanceCapitalism like Google as sponsor. The good people in our community shouldn’t have to choose between having a platform to meet up at and having their legitimacy usurped by association to whitewash such companies. I’m attending under protest to meet and chat to some lovely members of the community.

Google doesn’t belong there.

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(via Justicewissam sur Twitter)

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The first really good talk I've seen at #34c3 was BGP and the Rule of Custom ( by @cjd
Good thoughts about the interplay between network structure/hardware and the social surroundings.

And a pretty solid Mastodon plug at the end :)

“Geography is only physics slowed down and with a few trees stuck on it. And summer isn't a time. It's a place as well. Summer is a moving creature and likes to go south for the winter.” — Terry Pratchett

Me juggling with four SD cards. “Mmmh, ok, this one is good, all photos transferred on the external disk. Time to format… Wait! Was it the #4 or #3? 🤔 Number fouuur, riiight? Why is this one also labelled number four? OH NOES.”

C'est la deuxième fois que je reçois un email à propos d'un de mes projets mis sur Github (un plugin pour Sublime Text), de la part du compositeur de la musique d'Adventure Time… 😁 😁

I asked online for meals with United Airlines, i ended up getting pasta with cheese, dairy ice cream, and then a Turkey sandwich. Well done… 🙄🔥

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boston resists fascism Show more

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« Ah oui monsieur, le train est déjà passé, voie 6 en fait. C'est étrange, on ne m'a rien dit. Je fais me renseigner ! Mais c'est trop tard pour vous, einh. »

Du coup, mon trajet de 20 minutes se transforme en 1h30… Ça m'apprendra à payer pour mettre mon vélo dans le train.

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Je viens d'apercevoir mon colocataire dans l'escalier, avec une grande couverture grisatre sur les épaules, le regard dans le vide.

« Mais, tu fais quoi ?
— I'm the King in the North! »

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OK Mastodon, show me your power.

I'm in London.

Are there any places linked to Sir pTerry Pratchett where I could go?

(of course, boosts are welcome...)

I switched from Nikon to Fuji in part to have a lighter camera. Just checked my setup and my Fuji is now heavier than my Nikon DSLR…

Wonder what hackers do during one week camping during the day and playing with Tesla coils at night? A few selection of my photos from are available at:

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Typical camping tent at . Also included: grappa guet-apens, Tesla choreographies, and a flame-shooting disco-ball tower.

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L'attaque des BB-8 (coque en meringue, moteur en crème au chocolat, coeur de cerise aux épices, cerveau de chocolat blanc et tonka).