Our latest video - W32 Siphon Identity Stealer is now on PeerTube ! About data privacy & live coding !


Memory of our 'Inextricable' audio-visual installation.
@ Shadok (Strasbourg, France) - Sept-Oct 2021.

On anime un atelier d'initiation au avec , les mercredis d'octobre au Shadok à

Inspired by science fiction but stylized in a anime-like fashion, the visuals rendered first as a 3D scene is then injected into a neural network. We wanted to give it a organic vibe whilst style retaining some it is more technological abomination vibe.

A brutal music visualisation for a raw track. Just the way we like it.

> Full album with bonuses on [ crashserver.bandcamp.com ] more information on [ crashserver.fr ]


The attack on the server has started ! After months of preparation we have found the strenght to fight the server. An epic battle is upcoming the 07 May. Start follow us on crashserver.bandcamp.com

Yeaaaaahhhh! We celebrate the end of the mixing of our upcoming album "REISUB"!!!! The crash will come! We are proud of our accomplishment and we hope to share it with you soon!

In our last we recreate a version of our city in thanks to . music with and visuals with and .
You can watch on or on our YouTube channel. video.tedomum.net/videos/watch

To fight against data mining, we have decided that from April 1st we only code on last century hardware.

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