[ REISUB Data #0004 : Attention ]
It's in a dense and impersonal megacity, made of steel and concrete that Crash Server's were able to localize one of the server's embodiment. Above the skyscrapers, a silicon superstructure hovers slowly like a divinity. The population seems enslaved, having lost their free will.
Crash Server is going to explore this huge city and fight the server....

[ REISUB - Episode III - W32.Worm_Blaster" ]
Every bit of Crash Server's data archives went up to smoke. While rummaging in their archives, they found a CD-R labelled "CRASKS & VIRUSES VOL III - W2000 + XP" with "W32.worm.blaster."
Our attack with this leftover virus seems at first to be a success. That was not taking in account it's self-replication mechanism that corrupted its core. Nevertheless It managed to give us an approximate map of last known activites suspicious server activities.

It was an annihilation. An attempt to end a war before it's beginning.
Coordinated attacks, targeted the power supply of HUBS.

A raging fire swiftly transformed the corridors in a furnace, blocking at the same time access to the virtual reality rooms.

Their data was overwritten, deleted. It's in their safety pods, contemplating with dread the removal of their data, that the hope of finding the server with such powers of chaos and destructions emerges.

[Data # 001: Connection]
Everything starts from an ordinary and peaceful day for CrashServer, as usual they boot up their computers and download kilos of data for their next server attack, when suddenly ...

The attack on the server has started ! After months of preparation we have found the strenght to fight the server. An epic battle is upcoming the 07 May. Start follow us on crashserver.bandcamp.com

Yeaaaaahhhh! We celebrate the end of the mixing of our upcoming album "REISUB"!!!! The crash will come! We are proud of our accomplishment and we hope to share it with you soon!

To fight against data mining, we have decided that from April 1st we only code on last century hardware.

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