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Unicode emojis to be more precise.

The picker will of course be configurable (a space-separated list of unicode emojis), but this is the default configuration 😺

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Time for #FollowFriday ⌚ 🍩 ☕

🔍 @exodus Exodus Privacy: Analysing privacy of Android apps

📚 @libreture Libreture: Online ecosystem for DRM-free eBooks, incl. storage and bookshop list

📝 @dev Microblog.pub: Lightweight single user ActivityPub blogging system

⛏️ @Minetest Minetest: Free open alternative to Minecraft

🍿 @ScreenTestOfTime Screen Test of Time: Podcast discussing every film nominated for Best Picture Oscar in order

Previous Follow Friday posts:

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@sleepydev @inhji

F-droid is an open, privacy-friendly alternative to Google Play's app store.

You can find out more at:


You can also follow them at @fdroidorg

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**German far-right party ahead in east before regional votes**

"The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has taken the lead in the east of the country ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), just a month before regional elections there, an opinion poll showed on Sunday. "


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Last toot is just a mark, not that I agree with what the link says.

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Il paraît que cet été ne partira jamais.

Bonjour! Dépars à Pékin aujourd’hui...

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