Après avoir décrit les obstacles épistémologiques, parlons un peu de la science telle qu'elle devrait se pratiquer selon Bachelard (et les écueils à éviter)

(de justesse)
Encore quelques citations de La Formation de l'Esprit Scientifique de Bachelard sur l'obstacle substancialiste, qui tient une part importante dans cet ouvrage.

Very glad to have completed this course on reinforcement learning in Python. It gave me the opportunity to put my hands on the code and really code sarsa, Q Learning, Mine Carlo methods and so on. Now, I think I'll be able to apply these techniques in other settings and understand more easily the other algorithms building on it. The course is quite good if you're looking for an RL introduction MOOC, and even on the theoretical side I've learned several things.

Quelques extraits de la Formation de l'Esprit Scientifique de Bachelard sur les odeurs, qui sont rattachées à l'obstacle substancialiste, les odeurs étant vues comme exprimant la "quintessence" d'une substance :

On continue sur l'obstacle substantialiste dans la Formation de l'Esprit Scientifique de Bachelard. Pour rappel, ce dernier revient à considérer que les choses sont empreints d'une "substance" qui explique leurs propriétés, limitant les recherches à son propos, puisqu'elle explique tout.

Aujourd'hui, je vous propose de continuer notre lecture de la Formation de l'Esprit Scientifique de Bachelard. On continue sur l'obstacle substancialiste.

Rien à voir avec des soucis de recrutement dans l'académique, promis.

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Heureusement qu'ils ont découvert ça tous seuls les chercheurs, et que c'est pas un effet de l'autonomie des universités. Ouf.

J'ai continué la lecture de La Formation de l'Esprit Scientifique de Bachelard. J'avance doucement (pleins d'articles à lire en ce moment). Je suis actuellement sur les obstacles épistémiques créés par la première impression et la généralisation abusive, très présente dans l'esprit préscientifique selon Bachelard. Extraits.

It's been a very touching moment, one of those that reminds you that research is first about people.
As a conclusion, I'd like to thank again the organizers who made a tremendous job. See you another time!!!

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During the morning, I also attended a very special moment in memory of Fabio Bellifemine, a researcher that is one of the founders of the JADE framework and the FIPA foundation. He passed away last year and this family and friends were here.

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Short papers included works on location for traffic regulation and some others on the creation of a common formal framework for multi-agent systems and internet of things.

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The session on norms was quite interesting, focusing both on logics for norms, the notion of responsibility, the notion of privacy etc.

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Last day at @PRIMA2019Conf@twitter.com! There were two sessions today, one dedicated to norms & organization and the other one was the special track on social science.

We concluded this day at Eataly for the social dinner. The food was excellent, and I've had the occasion to discuss with many people from all around the world. Ricardo de Masellis received the best paper award for his works on dynamic multi-agent systems;

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I had never heard of such workd befor the conference and the idea (model psychological disorders in a mind model) is very interesting. Some papers also studied how to implements solutions for psychological disorders based on these models. Very promising indeed.

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The last session of the day was on social and cognitiive science. We got presentations on information sharing, DCOP for edge computing and some works on social choice. There were also a set of papers on psychology modeling by the team of Jan Treur.

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In the short paper, we also got some presentation on IoT and drones related problems, on of them focusing more specifically on a formalization of multi-robot task allocation in a framework that could be used for knowledge reasoning.

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