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ok so we want to collect your dna and put it in a big database

americans: hmm i dunno about that. i dont really trust the government with that kind of stuff

what if it was a private corporation and it helped you do race science

americans: oh hell yeah. i fucking love racism. sign me the fuck up

Somewhere along my timeline, old balls and ass at the gym became a regular backdrop to the stage of my life...

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Just got an email informing me that the OpenDyslexic font (available from via ) is now SIL-OFL licensed, so there shouldn't be anything standing in your way if you want to use it in a project.

I'm not dyslexic but I appreciate the scanability of the font and really like the concept overall.

My automated inspirational quote generator just pulled one in from Donald Rumsfeld. Suddenly feeling inspired to violate the Geneva Conventions for some reason...

Depresión es muy grave. Cuida a los que amas, escúchalos.

I'm convinced my Chihuahua is actually a cat 😹

Dude just realized Signal has voice messages like Voxer but obvi encrypted. So rad.

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The older I get the more I just want to listen to radio hits from 20 years ago.

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I discovered my first hidden camera at an AirBnB last week in Yerevan, Armenia. Always scan the wifi when you get to a new place!! #surveillance #nmap #privacy #dystopia #security #badposture

Getting a jump start on the macOS transition to ZSH. I like ZSH just fine, but I'm realizing just how much time in the terminal I spend SSH'd to another server (that doesn't have ZSH).

You know what the world needs? Another Spiderman movie. I don't think we have enough yet.

My chihuahua doesn't have a solid grasp on my personal space needs. Get outta my face dude.

Dear God! Can we mic up some screaming kids or something?

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Local street fares: where terrible jazz bands go to get their stage time. Literally anything would be better.

Where does one buy electrical components these days? I just need a couple fuses I can only find them in bulk online.

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