Getting a jump start on the macOS transition to ZSH. I like ZSH just fine, but I'm realizing just how much time in the terminal I spend SSH'd to another server (that doesn't have ZSH).

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Americas got talent, but unfortunately it’s close up magic.

You know what the world needs? Another Spiderman movie. I don't think we have enough yet.

My chihuahua doesn't have a solid grasp on my personal space needs. Get outta my face dude.

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cant believe that tomorrow is halloween

Dear God! Can we mic up some screaming kids or something?

Local street fares: where terrible jazz bands go to get their stage time. Literally anything would be better.

Where does one buy electrical components these days? I just need a couple fuses I can only find them in bulk online.

In the wilderness until further notice

Glue and toothpicks - winning combination for repairing loose screws in pretty much any wood.

Crypto wallets dude... even as somewhat of an expert on the subject I find managing my own assets to be incredibly cumbersome

2FA is so necessary but GOD DAMN if it's not annoying as hell

Between MetLife, Cloudflare, the Eth 2.0 roadmap and other announcements this week, this year is looking strong for Ethereum.

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npm has existed since 2009. From 2009-2014, npm served ~1 billion downloads in total. It now serves twice that many on an average weekday.

Pub notification emails from the USPTO are like Christmas morning! 🎄 🎁

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Legitimately curious how AI and Deepfake content is going to impact the 2020 US elections. I mean, it has to, right? This is new territory.

Wow, AI-generated content is going to make the internet an interesting place in the next few years. thismarketingblogdoesnotexist.

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