@brindavoine Got the most reactions here on Mastodon. Interesting! Wasn't a big thing in cinemas back then, was it?

Not a blockbuster, but definitely something different. Did you know that Alex North composed a différent soundtrack for the movie ? Kubrick chose not to use it.

@brindavoine For 2001? (I was referring to Naked Lunch.) No, I didn't know that. I know that the soundtrack is discussed a lot though. The question of the two "Strausses" featured for example. So there is still much to investigate for me. But first, shame on me, I'd have to find out who Alex North is... :)


Sorry. Indeed, Naked Lunch was a piece of art. For quite a long time I confused in my souvenir Naked Lunch and In The Mouth of Madness.

@brindavoine Oh yes, that one was good too, Mouth of Madness. Very Steven King-y. I love that.

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