@briced I can't compare but I very much like #Elm for its well designed architecture.

@ringods @briced I, too, have never used ReasonML, but I absolutely LOVE Elm, and that's saying a lot from an old lisp weenie.

@xossbow @ringods I think I'll try to create the computation engine in Elm of my app, and the UI in ReasonReact. Double the fun !

@briced @ringods Interesting. I'm en Elm purist these days. I write JS when I have to, but try to keep my systems as purely Elm as I can. Writing the server in Elm simplifies things greatly, since client and server can share code.

@xossbow @ringods It will be a frontend app only, using datas from an existing backend. We'll see if I manage to do something usable 🙂

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