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After 2 years of excellent service, I move from Freebsd to CentOS on my side project.
Main reason: easier and better docker support.
With time, I've come to appreciate highly reproducible builds for elixir projects rather than jails.

Je profite de mon retour à linux pour revenir à une config minimaliste, sans Evil. Un défi de taille, car mon cerveau est formatté pour vim !

Evil or not evil... la question se pose encore.

Evil/Spacemacs/doom m'empêchent de découvrir simplement les possibilités d'un package (frustrations avec org-mode notamment). Mais emacs natif est loin d'être ergonomique.

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I've started to use the add-on from to ease my eyes. It's quite good, and can be combined with for better dark stylesheets.

Do yourself a favor ;)

How do you folks deal with shared passwords with your significant other?
And has your significant other adopted safe rules in terms of password storage?

QtPass + GNU pass + Git.
One step forward!

I won't setup pass-tomb however as I prefer the ease of sharing rather than a fully secure and opaque solution. I would if I was alone at home though!

Another way might be to toggle a mode like in with set-input-method latin1, at the OS level. Is there such thing?

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Nevermind Mastodon! I figured I had to sacrifice a key to compose:
setxkbmap -option compose:caps

Holding a key to setup a diacritics would be a nice option for Linux though. (yes, like in osx... I know!)

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Bonjour hi!
Does anyone know how to type french accents or diacritics on ?

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