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We (@w3c) are #hiring our Web Accessibility Development and Operations Lead

This is full-time position, based in Europe. Works starts on September 1, 2021.
Please, apply 🙏 Please, boost 🙏

#a11y #webstandards

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There are universal #web sites that don't include #JavaScript at all. There are accessible, progressively-enhanced sites that use #JS sensibly. There are crappy web apps that rely too much on #JavaScript.

…and then there is #LinkedIn, which is a blank page unless you keep its tab focused while is loading and stare at it attentively and in reverential silence.

I think @bert would be even more appalled than me about this 😉
#badweb #antipattern

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The @tag's Ethical Web Principles will have to continue to evolve and adapt... Grateful for any thoughts!


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RT Après 3 ans de procédure, la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne doit évaluer la validité du régime de surveillance français.

Il nous reste encore une semaine pour lui envoyer nos arguments : aidez-nous à les finaliser !

Merci <3

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