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A video (in spanish) I created using @inkscape@twitter.com and Sozi (sozi.baierouge.fr/) by @umouvantsillage@twitter.com, recorded in @OBSProject@twitter.com. What do you think?
Un video creado usando inkscape y Sozi grabado en in OBSStudio. Que les parece?


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I scored 30/32 on the Tone-Deafness Test. Are you tone-deaf? Find out at themusiclab.org! themusiclab.org/quizzes/td via @_themusiclab@twitter.com

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@umouvantsillage@twitter.com The export feature also seems to work nicely on the Ubuntu 20.10 release candidate.

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If you thought that the user interface of Sozi was 100% translated in your language, it may no longer be true. A dozen new text items were added in Sozi 20.10. Do you want to help? sozi.baierouge.fr/pages/transl

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The export features are known to work on Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10. It would be great if Mac users could try a video export and tell me if it works for them.

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A copy of FFMPEG is included in the archives for Windows and MacOS X, which means that video export should work out-of-the-box on these platforms. Linux users need to install FFMPEG separately using the package manager of their distributions.

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It means that you can export to PDF and PPTX immediately without installing any other piece of software. Video export uses FFMPEG.

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Sozi 20.10-beta is available for testers and translators. The noteworthy new feature is the integration of the PDF, PPTX, and video export features into the main presentation application. github.com/sozi-projects/Sozi/

Today's good news: PDF and PPTX export have been successfully integrated in the main Sozi application. After working around some quirks in Electron, I am confident that video export will also be available soon.

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Today's bad news: I will no longer maintain the Sozi-export npm package. I know it is broken on several platforms but I prefer to deprecate it rather than fix it. github.com/sozi-projects/Sozi-

Live presentation broadcasting could be the next big feature in Sozi. What technology would you recommend to implement it? sozi.baierouge.fr/community/d/

New feature in emulsiV: general-purpose I/O (push-buttons, toggle switches, LEDs). Try it now at tice.sea.eseo.fr/riscv/ Reminder: emulsiV is an educational RISC-V simulator developed at @Groupe_ESEO@twitter.com

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🧢 Nous lançons une consultation sur les pratiques de publication des de l'enseignement supérieur et la recherche. Voici le questionnaire à remplir (15 minutes) et à relayer dans vos réseaux : sondage.inno3.cricket/index.ph

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