Sozi 20.10-beta is available for testers and translators. The noteworthy new feature is the integration of the PDF, PPTX, and video export features into the main presentation application.


It means that you can export to PDF and PPTX immediately without installing any other piece of software. Video export uses FFMPEG.

A copy of FFMPEG is included in the archives for Windows and MacOS X, which means that video export should work out-of-the-box on these platforms. Linux users need to install FFMPEG separately using the package manager of their distributions.

The export features are known to work on Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10. It would be great if Mac users could try a video export and tell me if it works for them.

If you thought that the user interface of Sozi was 100% translated in your language, it may no longer be true. A dozen new text items were added in Sozi 20.10. Do you want to help?

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