emulsiV, the educational RISC-V simulator developed at @Groupe_ESEO@twitter.com
has a new home: guillaume-savaton-eseo.github.

It's a nice surprise to see my blog listed in the latest issue of Racket News. Thanks @pocmatos@twitter.com @racketlang@twitter.com

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Racket News happy new year issue is here: racket-news.com/2021/01/racket

That's right - issue 44. Enjoy with an extra long coffee!

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The comments on my latest video make it clear that a lot of people think open source means : « I can express wishes and the devs will work on them ». This isn’t true. An open source project has its own goals, and its own vision. It has no obligation to « listen to its users ».

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I initially wrote this because at the time, a few Sozi users sometimes behaved like "customers", as if Sozi was a commercial "product", which implied that I had an obligation to develop features on demand, help users, etc.

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While working on my blog, I felt like reading the 6-year-old post "5 reasons why I write free software" guillaume.baierouge.fr/2014/10 Apart from some broken links that needed fixing, I think all points are still valid today.

A new service for live remote Sozi presentations: sozi-remotifier.glitch.me/ This is still experimental and has not been tested on a large scale. The author is known as Schulzki on the Sozi community forum. Please come and join the discussion here: sozi.baierouge.fr/community/d/

SoziVideoCreator: a video export tool for Sozi based on Selenium and Firefox, with support for embedded videos. github.com/aleutgeb/SoziVideoC by Alexander Leutgeb

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A video (in spanish) I created using @inkscape@twitter.com and Sozi (sozi.baierouge.fr/) by @umouvantsillage@twitter.com, recorded in @OBSProject@twitter.com. What do you think?
Un video creado usando inkscape y Sozi grabado en in OBSStudio. Que les parece?


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I scored 30/32 on the Tone-Deafness Test. Are you tone-deaf? Find out at themusiclab.org! themusiclab.org/quizzes/td via @_themusiclab@twitter.com

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@umouvantsillage@twitter.com The export feature also seems to work nicely on the Ubuntu 20.10 release candidate.

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If you thought that the user interface of Sozi was 100% translated in your language, it may no longer be true. A dozen new text items were added in Sozi 20.10. Do you want to help? sozi.baierouge.fr/pages/transl

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