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Un service de type "To read later" complètement opensource, qui ne nécessite aucun compte, qui vous laisse le contrôle de vos données car elles sont dans votre email et à prix libre. Brillant !

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When something goes wrong with software from some large corporation, users are likely to blame themselves and assume they have done something "wrong". When similar problems happen using small FLOSS projects, users are likely to curse the developers.

The success of commercial software has a lot to do with the power dynamics. The user has to conform to the conditions set by the all-powerful publisher. But with FLOSS things are more equal and assigning blame is messier.

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ah yes my OS has this wonderful infrastructure for managing packages, how about I go ahead and use stupid shit to manage software outside of that framework for no good reason

So my sister just dredged up this old egyptian arabic music video we used to see on TV when we were younger that basically says : "catch a thieve".

It was a blatant and vain attempt at curbing software and music piracy in all arabic speaking countries. You don't need to understand the lyrics, the video is gold.

"Capitalism is freedom of consumer choice 👏🏽"
Wait but ... WHAT ?
I wonder why comments are disabled 🤔

Overheard a random conversation at a cemetary
"- Remember THAT time when Jesus slayed the demons ?
- Yeah that was...*fades away*"
Now I wanna know what happened next.

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@glyph I think of the absence of this sort of thing as a condition of spectacle induced by the hyper-competitiveness of contemporary life. When things move very fast the benefits of "appearing to have" (in this case, knowledge) outweigh (locally) the costs and risks of faking it.

There are limited slots (we are told) available to do interesting work. If you are honest about your ignorance some ambitious person will take your slot! Similar reasoning applies in other contexts.

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@vortex_egg @requiem

"There’s this iron triangle of House-Car-Job, and the entire landscape is structured so you have to have all three or your life falls apart. People have to be creative in escaping from there."

Sometimes it feels liek tech is building up this new layer of prison around the iron triangle.

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When commodities break, they are easily replaced. When you break a chair, you buy another chair. We know well how to make one thousand chairs. They sit in boxes, lining the warehouses, ready for two-day shipping.

But when the unique breaks, we might mend.

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@pomstan western vegans are cringe, trying to substitute meat and other animal-based products when alot of non-western cuisines already can manage meals without animal-based products very well
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Sex work, queer phobia, transphobia 

Now is a great time to point out that the "concerned liberals" who are often fooled by Evangelical attacks on sex work and porn have a label:

SWERF, or Sex-Worker-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

The fundie group behind Mastercard pressuring OnlyFans uses many of the same false "studies" and "facts" that I've seen SWERFs use in the past.

There's a great overlap, both in perspective and methods, with the "save the children from the pervs, and the women from themselves" rhetoric of TERFs.

Because they're the same folks.

What might look like the disappearance of a porn site could actually be understood as an attack on queer sexuality.

Any attack on non-mainstream sexuality (and yeah, things that directly compensate creators are Not mainstream) is going to disproportionately affect queer, POC, and disabled people, because of the sidelining of these people's sexuality.

This is some people's living wage.

Solidarity with sex workers.

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We haven't officially announced this yet, but @rek and I have just founded the Resilience Research Society(NPO). We'll use this as a way to organize our research and findings around the topics of #permacomputing, #seasteading, and other related topics.


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Friendly reminder that if you think you have no talent at drawing, writing, making games, developing, etc... that choosing to participate in the act of creation is in and of itself a precious revolutionary act, and the thing you make will have more artistic value than all of the pristine plastic shit you see on a daily basis.

Grow a shitty garden, draw a shitty picture, and make shitty games. Just do it for yourself and your friends, and do it for fun. I promise you that the corporations need your money more than you need their culture.

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Capitalist: "y'all just lazy and don't want to work anymore"

Me who just spent over 2h improving a single street in my neighbourhood on #OpenStreetMap, painstakingly referencing every building across three different map sets and adding street numbers to each gate, door, garage etc. : "oh really?"

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Sorting the most common #TokiPona glyphs for further adjustments before emoji export.

This is basically the linja sike font with a few almost invisible tweaks. Maybe I'll simplify some glyphs for readability's sake, in the spirit of sitelen pona pona. I still have some tests to do.

Also, it took me a while to understand the ku glyph (7th on the bottom line), but once you get it, it's pretty obvious and smart.

fearmongers, covid, car crashes 

Same shit, different day

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( is a news home page, , , and ☕ 📰

She is immediately usable without registration with the same URL on the 🖥️ or a 📱

Escape from central ; install you own! Pétrolette is fully self-contained, makes no external call whatsoever, and embarks a total of zero tracker or "analysis" tool. Needless to say she is also completely ad-free 😎

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