In case you have a Raspberry Pi and some free time during these superhot days, we're looking for someone to test our new #raspberrypi image :

In particular we're hunting an annoying bug with curl not being able to find issuer certificates. So if you can run e.g. "curl https://" and tell wether or not you're getting a certificate error that would be super cool 🍦👍

@arthurlutzim So you flashed the image, booted, ran the curl with explicit https, and no issue about certificates ?


@yunohost I had an issue with /etc/resolv.conf (had to rm and ln -s to /var/run/resolv.conf), is that a known bug ?

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@arthurlutzim Hmpf yes and no, it's supposed to be handled by resolvconf (the service/package, not the file) but it's always a mess and not reliable ~_~

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