Hello everyone !

📢 🔴 URGENT 🔴

An awesome software is dying, because its #developper has not time anymore to care of it.

It's an alternative of Adobe AfterEffect : Natron (natrongithub.github.io/)

Please, can Mastodon community search for a C++ dev, which want to maintain it ? or search for a company which work with free software ? It's very important.

Boost very appreciated

Thanks in advance for your contribution !

#Dev #Mastodon #C++ #Python

@arthurlutzim Mh... a software without maintainer... si something pressing, no ? (Perhaps bad word in english, sorry - I'm french)

@arthurlutzim Ok. Non, là je ne voulais pas dire mla même chose. C'était seulement pour dire qu'un logiciel abandonné doit être repris rapidement afin qu'il ne soit pas abandonné définitivement, ce qui serait vraiment dommage !

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