Besoin d'aide pour peaufiner le paquet mastodon sur AUR : @alerque

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@Lanza @archlinuxfr I've been running a handful of production servers based on #archlinux for several years and the rolling-release model actually works pretty well. Staying on top of security updates is pretty much mandatory anyway and tracking latest stable software releases usually works out pretty well.

@alerque @archlinuxfr @Lanza I also use Archlinux for / servers :). But for $job use on big infrastructures, I prefer Debian (more stability / no breaking changes during release life etc)

@Skunnyk @Lanza Yah I agree I wouldn't recommend it as server OS to somebody that doesn't understand the rolling model or use it for any $job that will be turned over to a customer for maintenance. But for anything that I'll personally keep my hands dirty with it makes sense. I use it on the desktop and for development anyway so deploying to it just makes sense.

@alerque @archlinuxfr Thanks for the info. Did not try it since my old 2008 MacBook has had some problems with some kernel updates (around 4.8). Hence I stuck with Debian online, and got Arch on desktop. Too late for my current servers. Next one, maybe.

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