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Yay! I finally received my #CyberspaceBuildingCrew patches made by! Thanks for this amazing project and the wonderful patches you designed and crafted. It’s impressive!

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Show HN: Qwant – An excellent alternative to Google

(submitted by ahsanejaz)
I usually let dozens of tabs open the whole
year so =D =D
Well, when I use the web client , I find it fluid too .

I have more experience with react than angular... so I would say react :p . well , I met a mastodon tab open the whole day and It ended up using 1gb of ram .
I don’t think react.js is optimized

The mastodon monitoring project seems to bug heavily or it is a grate news , I don’t know but it counted a fast progressive growth of mastodon user from 2 to 15 million in a week .
Am I missing something :p

@lazurski I would tend to think that they have indeed changed profoundly when you their involvement into Linux , Linux into Windows and many other things I don’t t’embête now

But it’s hard to tel if this is part of much broader strategy that would take a few time to really see where it leads to.

Now there trying to make money / be successful/ attractive to developers with playing nice white open source tools .
Where not sure if at some point they would just try to close us again

What we know is that we don't really know in fact.
What scares me tho is that microsoft could turn to back to this old antitrust company it has long been

Je sais pas si c’est les humeurs mais je fais vraiment une overdose de titre putaclick sur YouTube.Deja que j’en pouvais plus de medium.
Je le vois tellement comme un manque de respect de croire qu’on va cliquer à cause du titre.Parfois je click mais c’est parce que le contenu derrière a quand même l’air intéressant.
C’est tellement répandu maintenant que je devrais plutôt le voir comme une figure de style banale permis d’autres je pense.

@marnic oooh le était passe pas avec Tootdon :o

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