#Cloudflare can I speak to a real person? my IP is denied or rate limmited on all the sites that use Cloudflare for some reason I think you think I'm using a #VPN or something I'm just trying to get this fixed so if someone could #help me that would be great.


Sometimes the hosting-provider or #cloudflare has some regional issues. If you have a #vpn client available, try changing region.


Yeah it failed for me for past ~30 min or so. Was giving me a local #Cloudflare error rather than ACS itself but maybe broader


Just spent an hour debugging my peertube streaming set up, turns out I was using Cloudflare proxying instead of direct DNS, and Cloudflare doesn’t proxy RTMP… :blobcatoutage:

You started blocking #Cloudflare IP’s at five minute intervals, knowing this would affect Vercel customers. Not sure why you wouldn’t update us. Surely you can put yourself in our shoes and realize this is not the way to keep #business. Call someone at Cloudflare.


#Cloudflare who do I have to email/contact to stop being harassed by your #sales staff despite never signing up to any of your services?


Hi #cloudflare, I'm curious if you have an extensive debugging tool to analyze a 520 error? Somewhere you get an error code with such a call, so where can I see it?


just a reminder that in more advanced campaigns against your assets, geo blocking tends to be a short term bandaid strategy, as the spread of botnets #today would make attackers shift to other geos/sources without much effort


Having a #app behind #Cloudflare Access seems to produce an "Invalid configuration" error in Vercel's #domains list. Any clue why or idea how to fix?


jesus fuck cloudflare’s pissing me off

" Some of these tactics included using #DNS based command-and-control (C2) that mimicked #Amazon #AWS DNS traffic" I have blocked most cloud based services including Cloudfront and #Cloudflare on my home network and only allow connections if absolutely necessary...


Are you blocking outbound connections to #Cloudflare or just incoming? Id imagine its hard to access much of the web if you cant access cloudflare as theyve stealth become the world's #mitm #proxy.


Closed #down the #mint site, deleted & purged #DNS records from #cloudflare, and prevent the attacker from stealing from more #people. 297 Fake Ninjas got minted will all be soon replaced/refunded. Near 100 were real.. Announcements soon ly fam. Namaste❀️‍πŸ”₯


please... stop using cloudflare on your instances...

Got a tip the OS being slow issue is caused by #Cloudflare blocking certain ISPs. Change your #VPN to US and you're good to go.


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