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BREAKING: The EU JURI committee has passed #Article13. This requires sites to filter all submissions against a database of copyrighted works—creating a #CensorshipMachine that puts thousands of daily activities and millions of Internet users at the mercy of algorithmic filters.




"The company that sent me the pictured fingerprint lock has provided the security quote of the year: “...the lock is invincible to the people who do not have a screwdriver.”"




日本の 詳しい方に質問。


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The number of parents who does that doesn't decrease in time. That means... we are going to be like this? 😱

RT @lifning: 2018: begging your parents to stop watching so much TV because it rots their brains / not to believe everything they read on the internet

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With php5 reaching EOL at the end of the year, I decide to upgrade our infrastructure to support php7.

For the test env. I deploy CentOS 7... which doesn't have php7. For some reason I was persuaded it has it. Oh well.

So... i deleted zsh on one of my Debian server and now I cannot login with ssh.

Any tips to recover the thing?

Erh. On this link it says "Under no circumstances use the Tor browser (it's okay to use , but do it with "
I thought that was rule number one NOT to do. Am I missing something?

Also, the guide is definitly oriented . Not

Comment déclencher une guerre civile pour <20€

So, since Jun 1, Code School became Pluralsight and every member have a 30-day free pass. That's an amazing opportunity to check @troyhunt classes (and I bet a lot of other great courses!), so excited!

Hi everyone! 👋
Could you please recommend security specialists or researchers 👨‍💻👩‍💻 with a speciality/strong interest in privacy 👁?
Thank you very much!
(RT/boost appreciated)
Here is a pic of a Swiss Guard cause they r dope

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