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Alexandre Mercier

Merde. Suis sorti de la maison trop vite et j'ai pas pris mon essui.
J'espère que la Terre ne sera pas atomisée aujourd'hui…

"e Foundation" is now live.
Our non-profit organization will host eelo assets and fuel the development of #eelo. #privacy Read more at:

Trois ans après, mon entreprise se trompe toujours sur la phonétique de mon prénom. Je sais bien qu'Alexandre ça ne court pas les rues de Tokyo, mais tout de même...

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RT Rappelez-vous à quoi les annonces Google ressemblaient il y a 10 ans ... j'ai une petite idée sur leur look à venir ...

Router 0day is the new sweet spot. If you can't own that hard iOS target, you can probably own the home network that connects it, this allows for some cheap MITM scenarios and quick-wins.

I just love apt installing my own software from official Debian repos.

And I love configuring #PageKite on a new box so I can SSH in or expose a web server without ever touching the stupid router.

I wish I didn't have to charge people money for the relay service - this should just be Part Of The Internet.

But... I rather like feeding myself and my family. And running the relays does cost money. So I charge for it. Boo.

Someone was wrong on the Internet. But I managed not to reply.

By the way I think Mozilla is in the right here. Users come first and push notifications are an API which went from 'cool potential' to users hate how we're using this in a very short space of time.

@ocdtrekkie You're missing a threat which is actually common in the wild: MITMing to inject crapware.

ISPs do this, this isn't hypothetical.

Also, if you believe people should be able to surf anonymously and want Tor users to have access, consider that it's super easy to spin up a malicious exit node that corrupts traffic.

Securing your sites with TLS protects your visitors' from that sort of thing, which makes it worth doing almost no matter what sort of content your provide.

The one thing that's absolutely awful about Android phones is that the manufacturer doesn't fucking bother to make OS updates. I'm out here stuck on 4.4 and can't even use Tusky because of it

"A l'occasion de nos plaintes collectives vs les , @LaQuadrature publie le vidéo-témoignage de Julie, microtravailleuse qui entraîne l'assistant vocal — et écoute à contrecœur vos conversations privées (j'ai écrit un petit texte d'accompagnement)"

I just noticed that the internal culture of the Fediverse, has made a bunch of people believe "federation" is this innate good thing to strive for.

It's just a word, of course. But I care about "decentralization" and "autonomy" - to me federation implies neither of those things.

Federation just means servers talk to each-other. Nowhere does it guarantee end-users have rights or power or privacy.

If Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus federated tomorrow... then what? Problems solved? 🤔

Does someone know of a SaaS template like Bullett Train?
( ?

Shill me your best templates please. (Or gimme a boost if you don't know)