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Which would be the 'best' for showcasing failed #Photo and #Photography work? We are hoping to start a trend of photographers showing off some of their failures.

We would like to encourage others to jump in on the photography train and really want them to know that even 'great photographers' fail too 😉

@WelshPixie @david @madcam @mancavgeek @WeeklyPhotoChallenge @NFGphoto @Curator @eylul @Sebastian

@WelshPixie @david @madcam @mancavgeek @WeeklyPhotoChallenge @NFGphoto @Curator @Sebastian @ambassador I like on one hand I just love friday fails. on other hand there already is the fediverse/followfriday so it might get mixed up in it. :)

after discussing it a bit it seems to be cool but hard to maintain on the long run as a weekly rendez-vous

So launching a hashtag with a weekly photo challenge could be cool maybe ?

@WelshPixie @david @madcam @mancavgeek @NFGphoto @Curator @Sebastian @ambassador @eylul

@WeeklyPhotoChallenge @WelshPixie @david @madcam @mancavgeek @NFGphoto @Curator @Sebastian @eylul

I'm on board with #FotoFail

Just need to know what the right tag is and I'll do my best to make sure others are aware 😉

Bullshit As A Service @al

@ambassador @WeeklyPhotoChallenge @WelshPixie @david @madcam @mancavgeek @NFGphoto @Curator @Sebastian @eylul

Well, I like the FF aliteration, a simple catchy trick that proved success on social net.

Everyone will add the anyway so that should be OK

Lets see how the others think about that?

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